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rss 133 weeks ago
I have these shirts to trade and they all unwashed and never worn.

Long Live Charlie Pace - June 21,2011

Serenity Browncoats - June 22,2011

Tet Corp - July 9,2011

Wincherster Bro Racing - Aug 10,2011

Would love the following shirts:

Spengler Ph. D - June 16,2011

Brute Squad - June 26,2011

Money Swim - july 22,2011

Sci-fi Cussing - July 14,2011

We dont need roads - Aug 1,2011

Time for Science - Aug 18,2011

MadMan - Aug 28,2011

Scottys Starship Repair

Thats just some of the shirts I would like. Make an offer.
Email is [email protected]
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    131 weeks ago
    I would like the Serenity Browncoats one, but all I have to trade is the Watcher's Council (Buffy) shirt...

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