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Hi there,

I just registered here on TF and would like to show my first design done for a "maybe-shirt". It's based upon a logo seen in the 80s movie "American Ninja II - The Confrontation". It has been a fave movie of mine since my childhood days (still loving all that Ninja flicks from that era ;-) ).

It is based on the Logo used by the evil villain Leo "The Lion" Burke who started a "Super Ninja Programm" - obviously with evil intentions, hehe...

I've altered it and gave it a more aggressive look and afterwards designed some kind of Dojo logo.

So - what do you think of it in general and is there sth I really need to alter etc. or sth important I missed?

Here are a few stills where the original one can be seen:

and here's my design:

edit: damn, lol, I misspelled "program" and wrote it in german. Now THAT needs to be changed...

Thanks in advance,

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    147 weeks ago
    Great design, maybe try a less generic font. Also some alterations I'd make to the tiger are: 1, remove the black line that goes from the nose to the sunburst thingy. Have the mane of the lion layover the sunburst thingy on the lower left side as it just looks a little awkward tome in that spot. Id also see if you can have the katanas at a more inward facing angle
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    147 weeks ago
    Hmm, got a point with the font. It is somewhat generic (I mean - it's Stencil ;-) ) but on the other hand this is sooo classic 80s action-like, too.
    Gonna try some others just to see how it may look.
    Oh, and tanks for the tip with the lower left. Think I will blend the lower shuriken's point with the jaw a bit more...
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    147 weeks ago
    I think it looks really good but I have no idea what movie you are talking about! haha. Also I think you could ditch the camo and go with something solid so you can read the LBSNP part better
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    147 weeks ago
    At first I had both shurikens at the side and the LBSNP part also in red. Then I suddenly wanted to absolutely have camo in the design somehow. Maybe I try another way...
    The movie itself is one of the classic, trashy action B-movies of the 80s. Not as well known as Chuck Norris' and VanDamme's movies possibly...

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