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rss 147 weeks ago
I've got Four shirts up for trade or sell, links provided. If you're interested, please email me at [email protected]

Late Night Booty Call. Unwashed, Unworn. Yes Man/Zooey Deschanel
Dire Brew. Men's Large. Unwashed, Unworn. Game of Thrones Reference.
Donde Esta La Biblioteca. Men's Large, Unwashed, Unworn. Community TV show reference.

The last is a Men's Medium shirt, can't seem to find a link. It's called Gotta Catch A Bunch Of 'Em. This I would like to trade for a Men's Large of the same type. It's a Pokemon themed shirt, Black with Red White and Grey.

I will accept these following shirts as a trade, in Men's large, preferably unworn.
LaurAtlas & Peahardy. Portal Theme
Caution: Fast Zombies! Zombie Themed
Scotty's Starship Repair. Star Trek Themed
Game Over Man. Alien theme.
Peace In Space. Metroid Theme.


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