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Can I use two halftones? Like, say, a black one and a white one?

If I use two halftones on base color, a black halftone, and a white halftone, that's three colors right?

Cause you can cop all kinds of color shades just doing that, and then if you use other colors, too, you just get more colors with a black halftone and a white halftone than you can with just a black one.

Also, can you guys print a 55 dot frequency halftone? If not, what's the highest dot frequency?

Also, if I can use a white halftone and a black haltone, can I use additional halftones, too? Like, a lime green halftone?

Does a halftone count as it's own color, or is it part of the 'plate' or whatever for the color it matches? In other words, does the color black count as a color and the black halftone count as another color? I feel dumb for asking that, but . . .

These all seem like stupid questions, but at 7:30 a.m. when you've been up all night for the 17th night in a row working on something you start to wonder. I've been doing graphics for 20+ years, but not to these specifications.

Also . . . it's a little unnerving to submit a design and go to that weird screen that doesn't even say 'File Received.' Is there any chance there will be a 'File Received' message in the not-so-distant future? You guys not commenting on every design is completely understandable, but it would be nice to receive some confirmation the upload at least completed successfully.

Let's see, there was something else . . . Oh yes, the imaze size in pixel dimensions is specified, but what resolution should it be? It's an awfully small size, so if I want you to be able to see the halftones as they will actually look on a shirt, I need to submit like 600 dpi, right? As long as it's within the file size limit? I was wondering about that, because it made my freakin' design like an inch high. Could someone just tell me what resolution and size in the same sentence, please?

Thanks. I don't mean to be a pest. I actually have a slight mental obsessive condition, so I have approximately 10 billion other questions, but these have been plaguing me to, well . . . madness.

Your Friend,


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