I have the following shirts, all new and unworn in a MXL. I would like tonights/tomorrow's shirt in MXL.- It should be The Warriors shirt.-
Here are the shirts I have to trade:

We Are Robots 3/20/11

Scooby Who 3/28/11

Dunk N' Cover 6/8/11

Koopa Country 3/2/11

Zombie Killer Extraordinaire 12/11/10

Tragedy And Comedy 3/12/11

Please email me at: [email protected] if you would like to trade.

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    148 weeks ago
    Hi, the warriors shirt didnt come up today but i would like to buy your tragedy and comedy shirt if it is still available. they said the warriors shirt would be sold a little later due to the shirt color being out of stock so i could do that also, up to you. thank u sir!
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    148 weeks ago
    Hello aje6366,

    Thank you for responding. I would like to trade for the Warriors theme shirt when it becomes available. Please email at [email protected] so we can work out the details, if you are still interested.

    Thanks -Jaime

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