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rss 148 weeks ago
Made this shirt today, not sure if i'll submit it. So far everyone i showed it too likes it a lot, but TeeFury doesnt seem to like any of my designs so...

Let me know what you think.

If you dont know what this is....Welcome to the internet :) Have a look around!
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    148 weeks ago
    It's a great idea, but I think it could use some work. The iphone for instance looks a bit off. It might be perspective, or colors, or both. The "whale" seems strange also, other than the fact that it's a text bubble. I can't pinpoint exactly what's making me say that...

    Again, I think this could work, but it just needs a bit of cleaning up around the edges. I can't say that any of this is expert advice, because I'm not Cptn Ribman, or Chuffy, or any of them, but I can definitely say that this would be cool on a shirt.

    Good luck!
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    148 weeks ago
    Cute design.

    I think it needs a bit more polish. It's possible to retain the simple style while making the phone look more authentic. And maybe a bit of artistic license to make the whale a bit more whaleish.

    I don't know if your reference is well enough known to make it incredibly popular. My fianceé is an Apple fanatic (iPod, iPhone, iPad + Macbook) and she didn't get the reference. I use PCs and Android so I had to look it up too.

    To anyone not knowing the reference, it does look a bit like a retangular face crying or taking a whizz onto the phone screen.

    With a little finessing it could probably make a good design even if it is a rather niche meme.
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    148 weeks ago
    DoctorWhy said: ...I'm not Cptn Ribman, or Chuffy, or any of them...

    I'm not Ribman, not even close. I'm a lot like that other guy though.
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    148 weeks ago
    I love this! That whale's been all over tumblr lately... and I'm sure a lot of tumblr people would buy it. :D
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    148 weeks ago
    Bahahahahahahaha! I love the concept... DYAC! I would totally buy this.

    I think what would really help is if you made the tail (is that a tail? or a fin?) look like a whale's tail, shapewise -- maybe like this:


    (FYI -- Googling "whale tail" got me image results I really did not need to see...)

    I think adding that shape could clear the confusion up immensely. I also think making the whale a pale green and putting a reflection at the top, like the iphone's messaging bubble, could really add to the design, but it might make it hideous, haha. Maybe try it and see?

    But if you got a solid design together and it got printed, I'd be first to click the buy button, haha. Autocorrect has made some very awkward situations for me .__.

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