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rss 148 weeks ago
REALLY basic, just seeing if anyone would go for it. Also wondering if I should throw Bizarro's chain & tag on there for accuracy.
Let me know what you think.
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    148 weeks ago
    Hey JB,
    I was just talking about a Bizarre tee the other day! I like hte accuracy of your design but I think it needs more. Maybe have the logo cracking or falling apart? Just some kind of element. My other question would be "What is the copyright issues with the logo?" That is basically his logo so you may have some issues with that.

    I wish you luck!
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    148 weeks ago
    Generally speaking, the design needs to have a twist and more than just getting a logo off the web and changing colors. The majority of shirt designs featured here are parodies or mash-ups that offer something unique, clever, or funny.

    For example, rather than just have the Bizarro logo, you could do a "Bizarro" Sloth from Goonies.
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    148 weeks ago
    The Bizarro logo by itself isn't going to cut it -- Graffiti shirts does an exact licensed version from DC. It doesn't necessarily need to be mashed-up with another character, but at least a clever twist on the idea of the bizarro character and it's place in superman lore. You might think about how everything is reversed on Bizarro world -- a square planet and all. Good luck.

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