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rss 148 weeks ago
Toying around with a little Mass Effect / Inglorious Basterds

What do you all think?

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    148 weeks ago
    I can only see one image at the top and then a lot of blank space below it.

    Commenting on that design, it's a nice enough image of the gun. However, I do not feel you are tying the two themes together.

    If I were to do a design like this, there are two ways I could take it. Both would drop the Inglorious Basterds tie-in and stick with Mass Effect.

    1. The gun would stay as is and the details of the unit would be below, perhaps with some sort of motto.

    2. The gun would have a techinical schematic and it would show and detail what the weapon does. A blueprint basically.

    Whatever I chose to do, I do not think I would use a white shirt (your current background color). Regardless of the original Mass Effect color palette, military T-shirts look more appealing on Military Green, Black, Navy Blue or Dark Grey.

    Hope this helps, good luck with your design :)
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    148 weeks ago
    I like your ideas. Think I will drop the MashedPotato and go with the mass effect theme only... Maybe even the quote
    "guns don't kill people, reapers do"

    I'll work on the schematic as well. Thanks for the tips.
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    148 weeks ago
    Looking at it, I think the gun in and of itself would make a nice, simple, clean design.

    As in, just the gun on a white/plain colour tee. No text or anything.

    Still, like what I see with this so good luck :D
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    148 weeks ago
    inglorious does have one less U (you wrote ingloUrious) if I'm not mistaken

    that's all I can add
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    65 weeks ago
    I really like this design. Chances are, I'd buy it in a heart beat. Hope it gets printed.

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