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rss 149 weeks ago
This one is nearly there but I need some help with a couple things...

Mars Attacks WIP

first off do you guys think it's ok on the blue? I've literally tried it on every color shirt and I think this is the best color for it.

secondly that damn Martian in the middle is just floating in space and I can solve it. I've tried scaling it, repositioning it, adding a shadow and it end up looking very strange. Any ideas?

Also on the same martian can you tell his head exploded? It might be hard to make the connection if you havent seen the movie but its supposed to just look like green goo from the head explosion.

lastly any good ideas on how to frame this in an interesting way?
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    149 weeks ago
    If the shirt color isn't working for you then maybe consider changing the colors used in the art. Look up color charts and color wheels for ideal paring. Google color cards for major fashion designers. There entire card should be filled with complimentary colors.

    When I have floating objects I tend to use what I like to think is a little cheat... I circle, star, burst, or box the art in(Most shapes are appealing to the eye when executed right). If you frame the art it can sit nicely on a shirt. Then have some elements of the characters bursting out of the shape. If you want you can look at my Baredevil tee-shirt design for reference. I had a city-scape that just sat awkwardly in the background. So cropped it into a circle and had elements bursting out of the circle to create a more appealing effect.

    Yes I can tell the head is exploded... I did see the movie though so my opinion wouldn't help much.

    This should be called John Cusack attacks! I'm not sure why he is in there? I thought Jack Black was in Mars Attacks. I don't remember John Cusack in that movie. That scene where he plays the boombox was to win a girl over was in a completely unrelated movie to Mars Attacks... Help me make sense of this?
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    149 weeks ago
    The title is "Don't Say Anything" it's a mash up of the two movies because in the movie Mars attacks music is what kills the martians. So from there I said wouldn't it be funny if John Cusack was professing his love to the martians by playing their favorite song, only instead he is accidentally massacring them.
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    149 weeks ago
    For Dark is the Suede that Mows Like a Harvest.
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    149 weeks ago
    Jack Black was in Mars Attacks, but only for like 5 minutes until the aliens vaporized him. But there were a ton of well-know actors in that movie anyway :P

    As for the design, I like it but it doesn't really feel like a T-shirt design to me yet. I think one thing that's really throwing it off for me is the way the alien in the front is just cut off at the waist. Maybe if you have some kind of fade-out or anything so that it's not just an abrupt cut-off right there. To solve the problem of the middle alien floating, maybe you could add some simple details of ground? It could even be in black and/or gray so you don't have to add another color, maybe just add some rocks and debris to anchor all of the characters to the ground; right now everything just kind of looks like it's floating or thrown together on a page. The middle guy could even be standing on a rock or something.

    I like the idea so far, just needs a bit more refinement. Great work! :)
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    123 weeks ago
    Id like to see hank williams with a bunch of dead martains laying around hahaha i like this design concept alot

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