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Shipping is $3 in the US. Can email shirts if you want to see pics. All are in great shape w/ no rips or tears. Email is [email protected]

Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas (men's L, never worn) - $10
Geek Army Knife (men's XL, worn) - $6
Saturn Sandworms (women's L, never worn) - $7
Madden 2011 "Madden To The People" red shirt (men's L, worn, handed out to attendees of the Gamers vs Famers pro/am game last fall) - $25
Hawaii 5-0 SDCC 2010 promo shirt (men's XL, worn, only handed out to those who attended the Comic Con panel) - $10
Star Wars Celebration IV (men's L, worn) - $10
Los Angeles Angels Hall of Fame SGA shirt x2 (unisex, xl, worn) - $7 each

Will also trade for Harry Potter, Super Mario, Star Wars or Back to the Future shirts in Men's L or XL.
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    135 weeks ago
    "Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas (men's L, never worn) - $10"

    I take offense to that! NEVER WORN! lol ;)
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    135 weeks ago
    Haha, sorry man! I got the shirt and truly dig the full color one better.

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