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Im trying to turn Fight club into a classic street fighter esque shirt. I think I am going to have "Tyler Durden vs. Jacks Smurking Revenge" in the design, I also think I might redo the narrators sprite. Im early in the design process so please c&c.

I also need to work on color selection because as of now I am at 8. I will probably get rid of white all together and one of the skin tones.
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    149 weeks ago
    wow... we have been sitting on this exact design for about 5 months now because we thought it was one that would never have been made by the time we got to it... we might as well send you our notes on the design... if you wan them, they are all yours :/
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    149 weeks ago
    This can work. A few suggestions though.

    You should make the Fight Club part be a gradient from yellow to red from top to bottom. The font is recognizable, but the gradient would totally complete the look. Also, just an idea, but check out the logo for Super SF2, maybe you want to try that treatment and put CLUB behind the word Fight. I'd say to also use the same color box if you're decide to keep them boxed in.

    Also, I think the characters shouldn't be directly facing us. Google SF2 character select screen, and you'll see that most the characters are viewed from the side unless you're looking at championship ed. which has 3 or 4 facing the viewer, but I think the side view ones are more familiar. I think the characters should have less detail, as they are now, they look very pixelated and remind me more of pit fighter than street fighter.

    I'm a big SF fan, so with enough polish, I would definitely buy this.

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