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I wanted to show my love tothe Zelda franchise, this is what I came up with. Any thoughts?

redbubble link:
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    147 weeks ago
    Wow, posted for over a week and no comments?

    Well then I'll go first I guess. I love it. Very clean and instantly recognizeable. However I'd get rid of the emblem and replace it with something original (possibly a stylized version of it, to keep with the recognisablity of it all) because while being a parody, it looks TOO close to the actual thing. Almost like it's copied and pasted. Not implying that's what you did, just saying you stand a better chance if it's ALL your style. The stylized fairy for example, PERFECT. Try to imitate that style with the triforce and I think you have a winner.

    Of course it would appear you already posted it for sale so perhaps my advice is useless, but just trying to help out.
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    147 weeks ago
    OMG, the design wasn't 100% hated!!! lol I didn't think anyone would respond at all.

    I see what your saying about the logo. It's not cut and paste, honestly I can't even figure out how to resize stuff, without it distorting the edges of my work, so what you see is what I had to draw myself in that size.
    I thought about stylizing it, but not sure how it would look, so I went for a clean version.
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    103 weeks ago
    Absolutely love this. It's hard to find such a unique and great zelda shirt that doesn't scream over-done or dumb. Guaranteed buy from me and I know from many others.

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