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rss 149 weeks ago
Trying to make a poster style design for movie called "Vampire queen of Ooo" This is what I have so far. Crituqes and comments welcome. Also any tips on coloring would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys.

P.s: I'm working on some custom font for a title
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    149 weeks ago
    P.s.s: The pose for marceline isn't 100% original, i had to use a reference pic-just felt like that should be out there
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    149 weeks ago
    As far as a color scheme, Marceline is made up of a pretty muted palette . Useless you're going for a different vibe, it's still to early to tell.

    I'd change your white to a light grey maybe with a hint of purple if you are using that as a skin tone.

    Maybe have the ax the same color as her belt. You could use that for the mouth/shoes ect.

    I was thinking of having mostly composed of purple hues. something like this quick selection I made on I toy around with that a lot cause color theory has never been my strong suit.

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