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Dumbledore in the style of the Tarot deck's Magician of the Major Arcana. I was having trouble choosing the color palate so any advice particularly in regards to the color would be great.

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    150 weeks ago
    I like the idea of this, but I think this is going to get a lot of "It'd be better on a poster" comments. People here have a thing about designs with borders.

    As for the design, I think there is a bit more you could add without it becoming too crowded. I assume this is the image you're using?

    The most nitpicky stupid things I have to say are that Dumbledore never had all three of the Deathly Hallows at once. Harry had the invisibility cloak while Dumbledore had the other two.

    That aside, I think you could add the Sword of Gryffindor and the Pensieve to the table in similar positions to the sword and cup... thing in the original.

    I don't exactly understand "The Magician" being in so many different languages? I don't have a ton of experience with tarot cards, but most of the ones I've seen are only printed in capital letters across the top or bottom?

    That's completely unhelpful for your color palette, but I leave those things to real designer people like Chuffy ;)
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    150 weeks ago
    Petrichor said: That's completely unhelpful for your color palette, but I leave those things to real designer people like Chuffy ;)

    I laughed out loud when I read this. I just design shirts because I like it. It always amuses me to see someone else refers to me as a designer. There's not much designing or artistry in it, it's mostly technical. :D

    OK, Bregan, this looks like a lot of critique but really it's small things that make a difference to the overall design. I think the concept is fine as is your illustration, which looks both simple but also looks like Dumbledore. Good. :)

    Anyway, color. Overall the palette is a bit dark. A quick and easy trick is to squint at the design. What is clear is fine, what isn't might be too dark or doesn't contrast strongly enough with the adjacent colors.

    I note you are using 6 ink colors assuming your 7th color is Cream which would be the color of your shirt. 6 inks is fine as the limit is 6.

    Color suggestions (feel free to pick, choose, ignore)
    White - This will be useful not only for your design but also as an underbase if you chose to have this design on a different color shirt.
    Black - your outlines. Not much to say. Black is black.
    Red - This looks too dark in my opinion.
    Blue - About right if other colors are lifted, otherwise a bit dark.
    Brown - I don't think you are getting value for money out of this at the moment. More explanation later.
    Green - Essential to the tangle of vines at the top and bottom, maybe a shade or two too dark.
    Cream - your shirt through color

    Design suggestions (pick and choose)
    Line widths - Some of them look ok, but the outlines on the vines and table look too thick in my opinion.
    Fonts - With all the black outlining on the drawn elements, the type looks too thin. I'd raise the weight (by adding/increasing an outline in the same color) or change to a slightly chunkier font. Type often looks odd if it's thinner than outlines.
    Halftone - too coarse. Display your images with gradients, they can be halftoned later.
    Gradients - I think you should ge more in. Dumbledores robe looks a bit flat. Gradients between the robe and white as well as the robe and black could give it more depth.
    Design edge - I suggest adding rounded corners to let us see this is a Tarot card.

    Shirt suggestions.
    While the Cream color works well with the look of a Tarot card, it looks like the through color and thus your shirt color will be Cream. I think this would be a grave mistake. Although I generally think T-shirt color whiners should be slapped and banned from commenting, Cream really doesn't sell as well on certain designs.

    I believe your design would be well suited to a Black or Navy shirt because this is more symbolic of Magic, Tarot and all that sort of thing. Also if you use either a Navy Blue or a Black Shirt, this can be used as your through color saving one ink taking you down to 5. Cream was your through color, but what about that Brown. To get better value from it, I think you should use it as a halftone between White and Brown to create your card background.

    Never underestimate how much T-shirt companies like designs that use less ink colors. Every color adds complexity and cost.
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    150 weeks ago
    Wow, thank you so much for all of your advice particularly in regards to the halftone and the color usage. I really appreciate the help, thanks.

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