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rss 151 weeks ago
OK, I usually get my items sent via fed ex for the 2.50, but decided I would upgrade to the next level and get the priority shipping for .50 more.

I was wondering has anyone done this and they do they get the item faster?

I know Once an order is placed it usually takes 3-7 business days for us to print and process it. After your order is processed it will be shipped.

I just wonder is the extra .50 worth it or not
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    151 weeks ago
    This probably doesn't apply to you directly, but if you're outside the US buying from Teefury, my advice would be NEVER EVER USE FED EX. You won't get the item much quicker, if it's quicker at all and they'll probably end up trying to claim (read: steal) more money from you.

    I live in the UK and Fed Ex tried to scam me about $15 extra on top of customs charges as an 'admin' fee. Something Royal Mail, the UK's national postal service, would never do. It's a nice little racket they have running, luckily I spotted the small print on Fed Ex's customs bill and was able to negotiate paying the geniune customs charge only. Avoid the grief and don't use thieving Fed Ex.

    If Fed Ex try to con you like this, in the UK at least, inform them you did not enter into a contract with them to be your customs agent (which is what they claim the fee is for). If you get no joy, threaten them with trading standards and they'll soon cave in. I dread to think how many people don't spot the small print on Fed Ex's bills and pay up. It's frankly criminal.

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    151 weeks ago
    It seems like for me from the time I order the shirt to the time it arrives at my location in the US, it takes about 20 days. A lot of times I forget about the shirt until I get the email saying it has shipped.
    I live in Indiana so I was just wondering if .50 was worth it or not.
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    132 weeks ago
    just a heads up, the extra .50 is worth it. I usually get the shirt about 5 days faster if i pick priority shipping. So if you want the shirt right away, it's better, if you can wait a couple more days, then 2.50 still isn't bad.

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