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rss 151 weeks ago
A design I'm running with for Fantasy Football this year. Mixing one of my favorite shows with one of my favorite sports.

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    151 weeks ago
    Not a bad idea!

    A couple problems, though:
    ~ you can't print it like this, haha. If this is just a concept picture showing your plan that's fine, but you can't print actual photographs on TeeFury shirts haha. You'll have to turn this into artwork, with 6 colors at the absolute most, before it'd even be considered.
    ~ it took me a while to see the football trophy sitting there. Maybe when you make the artwork, make it more visible?
    ~ it kind of looks like you just took the throne and the football trophy and put them together, which has no cohesive elements. You should find a way to tie football into A Game of Thrones, and vice versa. Maybe make the throne out of football related items? Something along those lines. Make it so both elements are easily recognizable and make it seem like football and A Game of Thrones were meant to go together. If you can manage that, your design will be really successful.

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing where this goes :)

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