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It doesn't just stop giant spiders; it also quenches your thirst while you're climbing Mount Doom.

I sort of want to add the tagline "Cold Activated Bottle: When the bottle starts glowing, it's as cold as the Misties!" as a play on the Coors Light slogan but I'm still trying to figure out how to get it on there. Also, any tips on how to make the bucket more 3-D without adding gradients?

What do you think? I would love feedback!

P.S. How excited are you for the Hobbit? I finally watched Sherlock and I cannot wait to see Martin Freeman as Bilbo.
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    151 weeks ago
    LOVE IT! I would seriously consider buying this one.

    I think you could get the 3D perspective spot-on if you manipulated the orientation of the shadow. It looks pretty good already.

    You could add the tagline anywhere - beer adverts are flexible e.g.: beer-poster.jpg

    I dunno what I think of the Hobbit. I'm excited for sure, but I'm not sure how well it will hold up to the beloved trilogy.
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    151 weeks ago
    Like this design. :)

    The bucket can be made to appear more 3d by making the text conform to the shape of the bucket. Currently the text sits flat, almost on a different plane.

    There are many complex ways of doing this depending on the paint package, but the easiest way is to warp the text or have it track a curve.

    I'd agree the design needs some sort of caption below. At the moment my punning skills aren't delivering. If you can find some clever way of saying it refreshes Hobbits or mention Hobbits in any way, that'd probably work to your advantage.

    And if you can get some Elven text on there too, LOTR/Hobbit fans would go crazy for it.
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    151 weeks ago
    Thanks for the tips, guys! I'm using Inkscape right now because it's free and I'm a noob, but I will fiddle around a bit to get the text curved. And gahhh taglines...I'd be terrible at marketing.

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