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rss 137 weeks ago
Well I've been a regular Teefury customer for awhile, but I've never seen much in the way of political shirts. I understand the reasoning behind this, not wanting to segregate the community and all, but I'm not sure whether this would work for the Teefury community or not. Eh, I'll quit talking and just show you:

What do you think?
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    137 weeks ago
    Haha. Personally I like it, but I think it would not be very successful on TeeFury lol. The political ideals are pretty strong in it ;) If it were something more satirical and something both sides could appreciate, I think a political tee could do well, but unfortunately, I feel at least, this shirt will definitely divide peeps.

    Great concept though :D With some tweaks and fine tuning, I think it could do well on sites like RedBubble. Just my 2¢ :)

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