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I am in no one a very artistic person, which kills me because I always have such great ideas for shirts and would love to put these ideas onto paper and delivery them to this great site and unto all those interested in them. The issue is that while I can visualize these ideas so intensely, I just cannot put express them as I envision them. Any artists round these parts have this issue and some advice that could help me out?
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    152 weeks ago
    I have the opposite problem. I'm usually pretty good at the execution part...

    What kind of media do you like to use?
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    152 weeks ago
    thats also one of my many issues, i dont exactly have much when it comes to that. i got photoshop and thats as far as my computer goes, otherwise, just some paper and art mediums from my art classes in college.
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    152 weeks ago
    "What it boils down to is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration"

    Although creating something on an Art package is not usually a sweaty business, it's where most of the work is done.

    People have different ways of going about it. I usually prefer to create my art directly on the computer. Some people like to draw the idea first, then scan it into the computer and trace it.

    The harsh reality for everyone who gets an idea is that it's a very small step. And speaking for myself, for every great idea I have that actually becomes a finished piece of art, I have dozens of other ideas that don't make the cut. Even then, art that has taken many hours to produce doesn't necessarily get picked up by people like Teefury.

    I'm saying this not because I wish to discourage you, you can look back at the many encouraging posts I've made to others, but to make it clear that designing a T-shirt that sells it's not as simple as it might seem.

    I and some of the other folks here have written a few tips you may find helpful Tips for aspiring Artists.

    Designing T-shirts is not a foolproof way to make money fast. And for most people it's a hobby not a job. It requires some artistic ability, some technical competence with an art package and the perseverance to produce a lot of work in the knowledge that maybe 1 piece in 10 or 20 might just get picked up.

    If you don't enjoy creating art, don't even start. However, if you think you might enjoy it and you really want to learn then it's something you can have a lot of fun doing.

    Good luck :)
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    152 weeks ago
    thanks for the post chuffy, it really puts things into perspective. much appreciate :D

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