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rss 275 weeks ago
I have just recently been trying to learn Photoshop to add another diminsion to designing and while I have lots to learn I have created this design completely in CS3 and I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion. Not sure if I will submit it anywhere, but I need some non-biased opinion. I usually only use CorelDraw or Illustrator.
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    275 weeks ago
    you know what andy?
    i actually like that.
    good choice of colors and intriguing design.
    i like that its that high up on the shirt as well for some reason.
    i worry the ink would be quite a sheet and maybe a bit much though.
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    275 weeks ago
    cool fading, I kinda want to see the eyes blue/green what's that turquoise?
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    275 weeks ago
    Pepper- I'm glad you like it. You may be right about the ink. Not sure how DBH does the all over prints.
    Arrow- I'll try something different with the eyes.
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    275 weeks ago
    Hey Andy,

    I do like the design but i fear that you could run in to a lot of problems printing it with an affordable amount of colors. The key thing you need to think about when designing shirts and not just mock ups is that each and every color is a different screen. Now i'm not trying to say that this design would be impossible to print, but it probably wouldn't have the same feeling your going for.

    I always work with any design that is going to be screen printed by thinking first about the tshirt or paper color. This can be utilized as a "free" color. So if I'm working on a print with a blue sky, why not use blue paper? Gradients are also something I tend to avoid when working in this medium. They are often times translated in to halftones.

    Now with all of that said, this is still a design that could be printed. It just might not be the easiest thing to separate and could end up different from how you initially imagined it. If you do choose to have this produced, be ready to pay someone to separate the colors for you.

    Keep rockin,

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