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rss 152 weeks ago
This seemed pretty obvious to me so I drew it up. The Tag line "Change the conversation" fans of Mad Men will remember from Don when he said (something like) "If you don't like what they are saying, change the conversation"

As always comments are appreciated and thanks:

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    152 weeks ago
    I like the art, it's well done. But I don't think that line is such a staple of the show, I own all the dvd's and it doesn't really scream out as a famous quote. But that's just me, others that watch it may disagree.

    I also watch Breaking Bad, and I'm wondering exactly where the reference is? Is there one? If not, I don't understand why you mashed the two up.

    Sorry if this seems really negative, but I do like the art, if you maybe choose a better quote it could work.
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    152 weeks ago
    It it one of my favorite quotes from Mad Men and it goes with the tagline from the first season of Breaking Bad was "change the equation" so I wanted to keep it similar.

    The Breaking bad reference is in style only.
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    150 weeks ago
    I love both shows and I love this shirt.

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