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rss 152 weeks ago
similar to everyone on an internet dating site, I feel the need to say "I've never done this before" before I say anything else... so... I've never done this before.

OK so here is my super simple, super small (sorry that you have to squint), rough-draft-idea image that I'm creating for submission... I'd love to have it be a little bit more dynamic but I don't want to lose the feeling of authenticity (i.e. the 8-bit original gameboy "just took a stroll through the tall grass and bam" feeling).


I'm not super attached to writing out "Gumby!" where the pokeballs would be, but I couldn't think of something else to replace them. I did however change the images of the pokeballs around the border of the text to little tiny blockheads.

I'd love to hear suggestions, thoughts, or anything else (please be gentle). I also scoured the internet to make sure I wasn't ripping an idea off from somewhere else, but if you've seen this before let me know.


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