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rss 152 weeks ago
Hey guys, I'm working on a new Reptar design but I need some help. I need some japanese characters for the image that say something like "cartoon monster" or "frightening cartoon" or something to that effect. anyone know japanese or where i might find the correct characters and placement?
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    152 weeks ago
    As far as I know although in Japanese the book starts at the back (from our perspective) and cartoon frames read from right to left, the text still reads from left to right. In modern Japanese at least.

    Traditional Japanese is vertical columns reading top to bottom and right to left.

    Google Translate gives 漫画の怪物 as the translation for cartoon monster. However, I would check this with someone who is better qualified.

    You'll find some fonts, such as Tahoma, have the characters already in them. Much less effort that creating them from scratch.
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    152 weeks ago
    awesome thanks man
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    152 weeks ago
    If I were you man I would gooogle denshi jisho its basically an online japanese to english/vice verca dictionary.
    Find the word for monster(bakemono) and the word for cartoon(not sure on that) and then place this character inbetween themの(its a possesion particle so "word for cartoonのword for monster"
    What chuffy has, 怪物, I'm fairly sure means monster but I'm not sure about the cartoon, bit

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