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rss 152 weeks ago
i have a few ideas to make shirts, but i have no clue what to use to start making one. i also see on the submit page you need a portfolio, and i have no clue what that means..... can anyone experianced help me out?
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    152 weeks ago
    First you need a catch a Teefury pixie. For reasons best left unsaid, Teefury pixies are attracted to small erotic sculptures made from soap. You can use this knowledge to your advantage.

    1. Find a nice slightly shaded spot in the garden

    2. Place the sauciest soap sculpture you can find on top of a house brick

    3. Sprinkle the sculpture with ground pepper

    4. Wait

    5. You will soon find a Teefury pixie er... rubbing themselves against the soap sculpture

    6. Once they have inhaled a few times, the pepper will cause them to sneeze and they will knock themselves out on the house brick

    7. How to waterboard your pixie....

    OR you could read the guide here Tips for aspiring artists.

    And don't worry about a portfolio, it's not a requirement. Once you have created a few bits of art, think about posting them online somewhere like deviantart or flickr.
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    152 weeks ago
    lol, thanks man, made me laugh
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    152 weeks ago
    RagnarokWes said: lol, thanks man, made me laugh

    No problem.

    Probably don't do the pixie thing, MJ is still angry from last time. ;)
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    152 weeks ago

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