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rss 139 weeks ago
Dan M.
Feeding Hills, MA 01030
[email protected]

Shortly after the June grab bag arrived I set up a bunch of trades and sent out a bunch of shirts, this was the only person who didn't live up to his end. Then he let me know that he was late sending it out in late July and said he'd have a confirmation number for me, I haven't heard back or gotten a response since, so watch yourselves if you try to trade.
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    139 weeks ago
    Quick note- I edited the above to remove some personal info. Let's try to keep from revealing full addresses and names of other people in the forums, just to stay on the safe side :)

    This should still be enough to warn potential traders.
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    139 weeks ago
    Sorry that you had that experience man. I've traded a ton on here and can say that this community has been super reliable and honest. I'm sure you already know, but that guy is probably in the very small minority of people on here that'd do that.

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