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rss 153 weeks ago
So I've been on this zombie trip for a little bit.. and I caught a glimpse of Marilyn on tv and I thought what the heck... shes a zombie!

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    153 weeks ago
    Technically very well executed. Aesthetically it's rather gruesome.

    Zombie Marilyns have been done before though seldom with this skill. But this does look a beautiful woman who has been brutally murdered rather than a zombie. Not something I'd like on my chest.

    Your artistic skill is faultless, so maybe others will appreciate it. Nothing wrong with that, but personally I'd tone down the extreme gore.

    As I say, this isn't a criticism of your artistry. I'd bet you could draw an unzombied Marilyn every bit as beautiful as the woman was. If I could draw even half as well I'd be very happy. :)
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    153 weeks ago
    Great illustration... My old lady would wear the smurf out of that tee!

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