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rss 153 weeks ago
I have a question regarding artwork sizing during submission. It says it is limited to 640x800 for submission but also says you can print up to 15x19 inches.

Here's my question.

Do you guys only use the 640x800pixel file as a preview and ask for the artist to submit a print appropriate size file if the design is chosen?

I'm asking this because every time i scaled the artwork down to 640x800 and keep it under 500kb as required, its print-size turns to something like the size of a postage stamp or something.

Anyways, I would love an answer. Thank you for your assistance.
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    153 weeks ago
    That is right! The file you submit initially is just a preview file. If your submission is accepted they will ask you for the high-res version. If they didn't have the 500k size restriction i bet their inbox would crash daily with all the multiple-MB files they would get.
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    153 weeks ago
    thanks for confirming :D

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