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rss 139 weeks ago
Just started this design today, although I've had it in mind for a while. I'd like some feedback from all of you wonderful folks on where to go next with it. :)

The actual Relay for Life logo has a star in the top left corner and three triangles int he top right. I'd like to put something up there (at least in the left) to balance the composition out a bit. Maybe a moon, stars? Still not sure. Maybe it's fine how it is now. That's why I'm throwing it out to the community...

Thanks in advance for all of the feedback! You all rock.

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    139 weeks ago
    LOVE IT. Really hope you mess with the background color though. As much as I love this design I HATE white shirts and I'm pretty sure they hate me because I just can't seem to pull them off. We definitely need a Mass Effect design though, and I wouldn't mind this being it.
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    139 weeks ago
    I really like the idea, it just needs a lot of work cleaning it up.

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