I live in Indonesia, even though i admit there aren't THAT many geeks/nerds around here, we do have some. Some that would like the cool shirts that are sold regularly sold here.

The way i usually buy Teefury shirts are through a couple of my siblings who are currently living in the States. They buy them, then ship them here.

It's not just me that is complaining. I have a few friends who always told me about how awesome some of these shirts were, and how disappointed they were when they realized they can't even buy it from here.

I mean, you got Singapore in the "select country" list, why not add Indonesia too, Singapore's practically our hat. I can literally walk from Indonesia to Singapore. You get my point.

So please, add Indonesia to your list, so we can have cooler shirts, and infect our geek viruses to the norms and muggles.

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    153 weeks ago
    i don't know but i shed a tear for your loss of awesome shirts :'(
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    153 weeks ago
    bump for answers !!
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    23 weeks ago
    Hi Noel,

    I feel you man, I'm from Indonesia too. Luckily, we are not at all lost.. I know this is an old thread, but if you're still there I think I can help you..

    there's a trick / work-around to the online payment system (you still need to pay though, this is not a free/illegal way, just a simple trick so that you don't have to select the limited countries option) ---when validating for your address, just press escape key on your keyboard, the dialogue box will disappear, and the payment confirmation button becomes available and you can click it right away (the recipient address will be your paypal address).

    I've bought quite a number of shirts now.. bought like almost 10 shirts already :P (gotta warn you the shirts have this weird magick on it, after having them you just keep wanting more!)

    hope this helps for others that do not have their country listed too. happy collecting awesome shirts. :)

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