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rss 154 weeks ago
I know this is a looong shot but, I just found out 'bout TeeFury few days ago and noticed the 'Master of Death' t-shirt that was sold back on July 5th & I want one so bad! Anyone have it in a size S or M who are willing to sell OR trade for some epic photos? Thanks. ^-^
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    154 weeks ago
    You may have some luck trading for a Masters of Death shirt in the next grab bag. TeeFury offers the grab bags once every 3 months and that shirt would fall into the upcoming group. They sell them for $6.00 and last time you could buy up to 12 shirts! I think it should be in September sometime. Trading is what makes TeeFury such a fun site and so far everyone I have traded with has been upfront and honest. Please remember to list if want mens or womens tees. Best of luck!
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    154 weeks ago
    Thanks peggydowd, I'll make a sticky note on that. ^-^
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    146 weeks ago
    hey pancho2727,
    Im pretty sure [black T with the text "Together they make on Master of Death"] I got that exact Tshirt in a random grab bag... its a Mens M size.
    Are you still interested in a buy/trade?

    email @: [email protected]

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