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I'm thinking about adding text saying "Trust me, I'm a Doctor" on it or something, I just don't know what. Yes, I know I have two many colors in it right now, but I am just trying to get some feedback on the design it's self.
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    155 weeks ago
    I'm not gonna be the one who say it... i'll let someone else say it.
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    155 weeks ago
    So you did some photoshop effect to a picture of David tennent and expect people to pay for it?
    I am finding it hard to express my incredulity into words, so I'm stopping it here.
    Hopefully Jacpot will come and pick it up, I've seen what he can do
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    155 weeks ago
    @noelpenn I was going to just let it go, but I'll say it. There is nothing original about this. None of your own art, none of your own idea, nothing.

    Take a look at any of the other WIP threads just on the first two pages. They take an original idea and create an image around it, they don't just copy and paste two pictures over each other and call it a shirt.

    Then look through the gallery at Doctor Who or Firefly or Star Wars shirts, or whatever. You won't find a single one that just has just the character and a slogan. You have to make something unique, something that doesn't just say "Doctor Who".

    I'm all for people coming up with ideas for designs and working though pieces on these forums, but this isn't even a real design idea, and something pretty close to this picture is exactly what the BBC used for promotions.


    (Also, I'm aware this is ridiculous, but itself is one word. That's been bugging the grammar nazi inside of me all morning.)

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