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rss 156 weeks ago
I'd love to see/make a shirt with Dexter holding Harrison with the words "Daddy kills people".

I'm not sure about designing it myself, since I'm not very creative, so if you guys could help at all or even just give me suggestions that would be really great! For example, I don't know where on it I would put the words, and what they would look like. Would it be scary, or silly, or what? I don't know at all!

Also I'm new to teefury and I just have to ask: What's with "smurf"? I see it everywhere. Used as a verb, a noun, an adjective. What the heck does it mean? Is it some internet meme on which I totally missed out?
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    155 weeks ago
    I like the concept. And smurf is a teefury auto censor.
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    155 weeks ago
    Okay then, that explains it. Smurf = bad word! Got it! And I'm not so sure about the concept myself. It seems most of the shirts on teefury are some clever mash-up of two different things, or what could be an advertisement for something from a TV show if it existed in real life. My idea probably wouldn't work unless I changed it a lot.

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