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rss 156 weeks ago
Okay so let me just set a few things straight here before y'all rip into my picture

1. I'm not an artist
2. I'm a business student
3. I can't draw
4. I don't have a tablet like thingy that lets me draw faster.

Anywhoo...I got this idea while playing a crapload of street fighter, what it is is Guile meets Uncle Sam with Guile's trademark line from Street Fighter 2 (the best Street Fighter game ever)

Uncle Guile

It's extremely incomplete, as I haven't drawn the signature Uncle Sam finger (its just a peach coloured ball right now) and there are still a boatload of pencil marks.

If y'all can give me some tips on how to not make this look like a piece of smurf or what you think of it, that would be much appreciated :)
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    156 weeks ago
    Ha I like it! It makes me think of the waves upon waves of Youtube videos with Guile's theme :P Looks good so far, great idea!

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