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rss 290 weeks ago
I just wanted to make a suggestion in terms of putting the actual size each print will be on the t-shirt. There is a shirt that I got in which the print was shown larger on the models, than it actually was in person.
If you let people know how large the print will actually be, they can better gauge how it is going to look when actually printed.

Just a suggestion. . . Thanks
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    290 weeks ago
    Yeah I noticed that too but they get real close to what the print will look like
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    290 weeks ago
    I am not 100% certain, but most likely, the largest print size width-wise is 15 inches by 18 inches tall.

    Depending on what size shirt they print on, the relative appearance size of the design will vary.

    Although I haven't run this opinion over by Layne/Anik, I measured a couple of my designs and this seems to be moderately true.

    I personally have a tendency to mock up designs large, so I will be cognitive from now on not to make it too large. Guess I've been submitting to DBH too much. ;j

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    290 weeks ago
    Oh strange. I experienced the opposite with one of my shirts. The printed design was larger than it was shown on the models. I didn't mind though, looks nice ^-^.

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