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rss 143 weeks ago
So i've got a few different versions here, i don't know which one to submit.

The first one :

The Second one :

The third one :

*I'm sorry if the third one looks a lil' bit half assed.. i was pretty busy.

I also don't know if i should add a background or not.. so suggestions would be really helpful.

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    143 weeks ago
    I see what you did there: it's about Patrick Warburton. I'd say the second one is the best. it's perfectly identifiable as both: Brock and The Tick. maybe his mullet should be seen sticking out somewhere (or even be part of this mask, like ... the mask perfectly traces the mullet underneath),
    but it works just fine as it is
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    143 weeks ago
    Thanks for the input dude, but i tried the mullet thing before, and it didn't quite work, that's why i decided to leave it out.
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    143 weeks ago
    I agreed that the second one is the best, I'd really like to see it once its finessed a bit more, I think it'll be an awesome design!

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