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rss 157 weeks ago
Hi fellow Teefurians!

I have a bunch of shirts that I really want to buy or trade for :-)

I am looking for WL or MS. My trades are unworn tees from the past year, in WL and WXL. (More info on request)

Here they are:

Neko Cat Bus Stop
Chilled Monkey Brains
Best Buddies
House Pride (Harry Potter Slytherin crest)
Baggins Pawn Shop
Appetite For Eternia
Extreme Terrestrial
Frog Brothers
Save The Clock Tower
Death By Cuteness
Destroy All Humans
Hello Lion-O
Ode to the Wild Things
Chairman Meow

Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

All the best from the UK

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    157 weeks ago
    bumpitty bump :))
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    154 weeks ago
    I sent you an email, please resond - thanks!

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