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rss 157 weeks ago
Hello, I'm new to the teefury scene, but I decided to send in my first submission. Unfortunately I jump the gun in excitement and submitted the wrong file. I just sent in the correct one, so I hope there is no confusion.

Also is there a approximate wait time until a decision is made in which designs teefury chooses? Also do you let the artist know if they did not get chosen?


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    157 weeks ago
    "A design sits in the queue until it is rejected or accepted. We only send notification if it is accepted since it is not humanly possible to notify every who is not accepted. Typically, if a design is not accepted within 2-4 weeks, the likelihood it will be chosen is low."

    So they do not let the artist know in the case of rejection.
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    157 weeks ago
    Thank you for clearing that up for me.

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