Seriously, the lack of Scott Pilgrim ideas floating around here makes me sad. The Subspace Highway Rail Ticket is a great start, and I'd buy it, even if it didn't look awesome (which it's well on it's way to looking!)

But an idea so simple that it would seemingly be easy to create and even easier to sell to the masses is right there for the taking!

Why not a simply Sex Bob Omb tour shirt?

Opening acts could be Crash and the Boys, and The Boys and Crash, some simple but awesome Sex Bob Omb tour art and dates listed for all of the dives/venues that are relevant to the books.

Subspace Highway
Castle Loma
Lee's Palace
The Rocket
Chaos Theater

And the like!

I'm no artist, but this needs to be done!
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    158 weeks ago
    Pity it couldn't be done in true tour tee style, with the tour artwork on the front and the dates/venues on the back.

    Unfortunate, but not a show-stopper. Could still be done quite well with only something on the front I'm sure.

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