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rss 158 weeks ago
Hi everyone

I am gutted I missed the catbus tee due to a horrible long work shift :((

If anyone bought two or if anybody knows where I can get one, I would be really really pleased to buy it from you or trade for any of mine!. It is my favourite film, I can't believe I missed it!!dia

I'd be looking for womens L or XL, or men's small or medium.

Thanks so much! You can email me at [email protected]

Thank you!
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    158 weeks ago
    Sorry to piggy back on your post but I feel the same way!! I missed it and my heart is hurting!

    I would also be happy to buy or trade for it.

    If anyone has another in a Women's M or L please let me know! email bauprey (at) nhada (dot) com.

    Thanks so much!!!

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