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rss 158 weeks ago
I bought three copies of Captain RibMan's excellent Kessel Fun-Run design: One to frame, one for regular wear, and one for jogging/working outside! I'm not in horrible shape, but I've been really slacking lately as far as running is concerned...

I've found lately that I'm more enthusiastic about doing things in general if I have an audience! So, I've decided to document my exercise while wearing this excellent shirt via various YouTube videos! I'll do other cool stuff like weight lifting and railing on my punching bag, among other athletic things! I also think it would be fun if I bought similarly themed shirts featured on TeeFury and wear those in my videos as well!

I'll hopefully be able to start shooting some test vids once my shirts come in, so please stay tuned! =)
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    158 weeks ago
    This is a cool idea, good luck dude :)
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    158 weeks ago
    That is awesome! You are quickly shooting to the top of my minion pile! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    --Captain RibMan
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    158 weeks ago
    dude, awesome idea! I realized the day after it printed that I should have bought two as well (one for wear and one for exercise) ;_; Anyway, good luck :D

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