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rss 291 weeks ago
Hey everyone, got a new design on DBH, , its my first over there so be kind! I worked real hard on the texture look on the skull, and after some halftones we gotta A-OTAY!

Thanks for the votes and critiques!
DBH Sub::Man in the Arena Clickey the linkey!
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    291 weeks ago
    Voted today, even though I see so many skullz, what you did with this was too good.
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    291 weeks ago
    I was your 20th vote. I can never get enough skulls.
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    291 weeks ago
    Thank ya thank ya! I worked day and night ok ok I kid, just hope it gets some lovies. I got one more I will sub maybe after xmas..
    what ya guys think of this one?
    Wanted something simple, but still bold..
    Named it SkulLOLz..

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