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rss 158 weeks ago
I have these shirts, all brand new, all unwashed, all Men XL, to trade. I would like to trade for shirts in the same condition. I am only looking to trade in the US only.

I have:

We Are Robots 3/20/11

Scooby Who 3/28/11

Walter's Sweet Shoppe 5/18/11

Dunk N' Cover 6/8/11

Koopa Country 3/2/11

Would like:

Slice Of Life Tours 3/16/11

Bluth Family Crest 4/7/11

Miyagis's Super Wax 4/27/11

Who Watches The Empire 12/9/11

Best Served Cold 12/22/11

Coexist 2/1/11

Classic Cereal Confrontation 2/27/11

I would also like to have these shirts:

San Angles Replicants 5/23/11

Apache Aldos Surplus 4/16/11

Chilled Monkey Brians 4/9/11

Frog Brothers 5/1/11

But I will only trade these shirts:

We Are Robots 3/20/11

Dunk N' Cover 6/8/11

I also have:

Zombie Killer Extraordinaire 12/11/10

Tragedy And Comedy 3/12/11

That I will be willing to trade for the right shirt.

Thanks -Jay
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    158 weeks ago
    I could do you a Black Knight Operation Game, if interested?
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    158 weeks ago
    Hello Franco_Balls,

    Sorry, but no.

    Thanks -Jay
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    158 weeks ago

    Would you be interested in Scooby Who or Gangs of the Mushroom Kingdom for that shirt?
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    157 weeks ago

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