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rss 159 weeks ago
I've got the following shirts to trade:

All XXL and unworn & unwashed. I would like the same in return

Cavity Fighters

Doctor Lost


HoneyBadger Don't Care

Guided Tours

Just Under the Skin

The following are ones I would like in trade

Don't Blink
Hoth Wampas
Dali's Mechanical Horses
Queen Swan
You've Got a New Follower!
Miyagi’s Super Wax
Peace in Space
Boomstick II
Hogwarts Mail

Thanks for looking, post here or email me at my username

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    159 weeks ago
    Hey man, I have 4 men's XXL shirts for trade too and am wondering if it's cool to piggyback on your thread and list them here as well. You know,
    "With our powers combined," "Two heads are better than one," etc...

    If it's cool, feel free to do the same on mine.
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    159 weeks ago
    Sure, go for it. I'm always glad to help people get trades going.
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    159 weeks ago
    Also "Don't Blink" is the Angels have the phone box one.
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    159 weeks ago
    Thanks! My thread is a few pages down. Feel free to post your list there too.

    I have the following Mens XXL shirts up for trade: - Worn and washed about 4-5 times. Screen printing still solid and crisp, no fading. - Worn and washed 2-3 times, crisp printing, no fading. - Brand new, never opened, never worn. Still in shipping bag. - Worn the most, about 8-9 times. Screen printing is soft, but no fading whatsoever.

    Looking for Mens size XL:

    Winter is Coming and Honey Badger specifically

    Anything having to with Ghostbusters

    Email [email protected] I'll update this post as the shirts are claimed. Thanks so much!

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    159 weeks ago
    I have hogwarts mail and DOn't blink both in XXL. I am trying to find the Eleven Doctors. If you are able to find it for me, maybe we can do a 3 way trade with someone else.
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    157 weeks ago
    Give this one last bump.

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