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rss 145 weeks ago
I've noticed that ever since I got the Bioshock shirt that every shirt since then has been much bigger than the way the Medium's used to be. It looks more like a large. Kind of bummed because they are almost too big for me now. Shirts I got since then are the Tigger TTFN, and the Charlie Pace LOST shirts and it was the same for those as well. Any one else noticing this as well?
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    145 weeks ago
    Yes i have noticed that WXL is bigger (Eleven Doctors compared to Guided Tours), also i got some Mens L for my brother and checked the measurements on the site against one of his t-shirts and the shirts i received are bigger than i expected from the measurements, look like XL rather than L
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    144 weeks ago
    Yes I've noticed the same.. I use WL and ordered about three shirts because I thought they would be the same as my first ones but they were bigger and look pretty bad on me.. I've tried washing them (So they'd shrink a bit) but it doesn't help really. Ordered a WM some days ago, hope it'll be good..
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    144 weeks ago
    yep! the "winter is coming" M shirt looks more like an L.
    the measurement match to the L too, in the size chart.
    did they changed the shirt sizes without update the size chart?
    do i have to buy an S next time?

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