I have these shirts for trade all in a Men's LARGE!

1.The Gallifrey Road
2 Flesh Wound
3. Late Night Booty Call

I'm willing to trade for any of these shirts or you can buy them off of me.

1. Boomstick II
2. Silent Night
3. The Ka-Tet of Nineteen
4. The Son Of Orange
5. Dali's Mechanical Horses
6. Darth Lebowski
7. Gangs of Mushroom Kingdom

Email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    159 weeks ago
    I will totally trade you Ka-Tet of Nineteen for your Gallifrey Road, I've been wanting that shirt for a long long time. Email me ([email protected])
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    152 weeks ago
    Looking for Gallifrey Road along with any Dr. Who inspired tees.
    I am new to this, so I can only trade money for tees.

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