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rss 146 weeks ago
Hi all.
I really want to trade this shirt because there's so many I want.

I'm looking for these shirts in sizes WXL (preferred), MM, or any size bigger.
-Dextoon (most want)
-Stare Down Contest
-Drink Nuka
-Ka-Tet of Ninteen
-Cyber3PO & R2Dalek
-Miyagi's Super Wax
-Scooby Who
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    146 weeks ago
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    146 weeks ago
    Re-bump, because I'd now be more than happy to sell it! Please? =]
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    146 weeks ago
    I'm looking for Son of Orange. I have a Silent Night to trade. Interested?
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    146 weeks ago
    Sure thing! Email me at weevilgirl1(at)gmail(dot)com.
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    145 weeks ago
    Email sent!

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