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rss 159 weeks ago
Just got my MS grab bag! I have the following for trade:

- Shreds Pizzeria
- A Rockem Sockem Robots theme... I can't find it in the gallery, but I think it might be a CSI concept? I've contacted customers support to find out for sure. If you know what it is, please let me know!

I have LOTS of shirts that I like and will take either MS or WM, so make me on offer! I might also do a ML for my husband. Some of my favorites include:

- Shiny
- LOLcat Coat of Arms
- Serenity Sake (MS only) - yes, I know I can get this elsewhere, but I really like the men's color
- Anything Joss Whedon, feline, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, etc., but again, there are tons of designs that I love so tell me what you have.

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    159 weeks ago
    it's from LOST, i'd dig that shirt.
    I have a few MM if those maybe work lmk
    [email protected]

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