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Hey just wondering where I can get the comp stuff for TeeFury... comps, colors, etc?


Sorry if this is blatantly obvious for any reason... I thought I looked well... I eventually found Woots after some searching.
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    291 weeks ago


    various shirt templates
    specifically teefury
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    291 weeks ago
    Damnit Jimi have I ever told you that youz da best?!

    Thanks man!

    PS. I liked how the badass-ness of that one guy was your own doing... very nice touch.
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    291 weeks ago
    sweet - thanks jimi!
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    291 weeks ago
    Jimiyo, maybe you can answer my question. Is TeeFury still printing 6 colors? I noticed that all of the recent designs (past 2 months) have been printed in 2 or 3 colors, 4 at most. Should we be submitting designs in no more than 4 colors?
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    291 weeks ago
    Yes, we can still print 6.

    Below I speak as a third party, not an employee.

    The reason for typically choosing designs with less is that unless a company is moving thousands of shirts, it's tough to meet the break even point. If you consider the shirts, ink, printer, blanks, etc etc, they have to pay alot of people before the company pays themselves.

    Also take note that Teefury, is less than a year old. It is very young.

    If you take Uneetee for example, they still limit their prints to 4 colors, and they've been around for bit.

    When you are a company like anothersite or DBH, you can take more risks because you have a vast audience and high sales volume, and that's what their market dictates that they print.

    Teefury is growing, but I think it will need to grow more before they start exploring little bit more riskier financial endeavors.

    This is a relatively common occurrence in all apparel printing companies.

    I have been an artist, freelancer, etc, and one of the first issues with all experienced profitable customers is the color count to reduce production costs, sometimes to the detriment of the quality of art... Though as an artist, having more colors in a design doesn't not equate to better art.... except IN NASCAR!

    Blah. I rambled.
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    291 weeks ago
    Thanks for responding, Jimiyo. I completely understand what you said. I think it is a little misleading that TF say they can print 6 colors, but they haven't printed anything more than 4 colors in a few months. As a designer I have always tried to use 6 colors to get the best effect, assuming that the amount of colors used didn't affect the likelihood of the design being picked. For my future entries, I will limit myself to no more than 4 colors.

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