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rss 159 weeks ago
Hey I have 3 Men's Medium t-shirts I would like to trade.

The t-shirts I have are:

'Flesh Wound'

'Music Pirate'

'Winnebago with Wings (Spaceballs)'

All new and unworn.

I would like to trade for any of these t-shirts:

'Peace in Space'

'Guided Tours'


'Drink Nuka'

'Toasty BBQ'

'Dali's Mechanical Horses'

'T-Rex Diet'

'T-Rex Sword Fight'

I would be happy with Medium or Small sized t-shirt trades.

I live in the UK so if possible I would like to trade with others in the UK. However if you have any of the t-shirts I want and don't live in the UK I would still be willing to trade with you.

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    159 weeks ago
    I have in Men's Small

    I'd love to trade it for your "Flesh Wound" shirt if youre interested!
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    159 weeks ago
    I only really want any of the t-shirts I've mentioned. Thanks though

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