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rss 145 weeks ago
Have a Brand New, Never Washed, Never Unfolded "The Ka-Tet of Nineteen" shirt in Men's Large that I got from the most recent Grab Bag:

Looking for a "River Tam & The Fireflies" or a "It's A Trap!" shirt in a Men's Large:

If unable to get either of those, I may be interested in one of the following in a Men's Large...

Other Star Wars & Serenity/Firefly shirts possibilities as well...if interested, you can contact me at [email protected] - thanks!
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    144 weeks ago
    Also looking for a Men's Large of the "Status Is Not Quo" shirt:
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    143 weeks ago
    Also would like a Men's Large of the "Graff Droid" shirt as well...
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    141 weeks ago
    Any interest out there?

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